Pivotal Partners

Like your Chamber of Commerce, our Pivotal Partners are interested in long-term community growth and sustainability.

Pivotal Partners have invested in the Chamber itself and support an overall program of work that is focused on the economic prosperity for the business community. For information on how to become a Pivotal Partner, contact the Chamber President and CEO Rebecca Martin, CCE, IOM.

With over 22,000 students and families and 2,500 staff members in 39 diverse and dynamic schools, there’s a lot to talk about and to celebrate in Federal Way Public Schools. Federal Way Public Schools  has established a track record of courageous innovation to ensure that each student graduates with the skills and academic knowledge
Students need a broad, strong academic foundation. To qualify for the best-paying jobs our economy offers, they will need to be competent in math and science as well as writing and reading.

FWPS has implemented a standards-based education system to ensure clear standards in every class across the district, common ways to assess student progress and effective communications with students and parents/guardians. This work has also prepared our students and staff for the transition to Common Core State Standards and testing.

A merger with King County Water District Number 56 was completed in November, 1987. On August 7, 1994, the District changed its name to “Lakehaven Utility District”.  On October 6, 2016 the name was officially changed to “Lakehaven Water and Sewer District” to better describe the products provided to the community.

The District has, under one name or another, provided service to the Federal Way area for more than 50 years. The water system includes 400 miles of mainline, 22 wells and 12 storage tanks with an approximate storage capacity of 31 million gallons. The average daily pumping rate is about 10.6 million gallons per day (MGD).

The sewer system includes 350 miles of mainline, 27 pump stations and 2 secondary wastewater treatment plants. The Redondo Plant is designed for an average flow of 4.32 MGD, The Lakota Plant is designed for an average flow of 10 MGD.

Industrial Realty Group sees the redevelopment of Woodbridge Corporate Park as an essential and important element of the city’s economic growth and job creation.  Their vision is to balance the need for job creation with the preservation of this unique industrial site and its many natural assets.

Woodbridge will create new employment opportunities across the income spectrum, provide sustainable revenue streams to grow the city budget, and enhance funding opportunities for essential public safety programs

Jobs created at Woodbridge also will help restore funding for schools, public services like water and fire, and community cultural funding, such as the community theater.

Woodbridge Corporate Park Logo

South King Fire & Rescue covers forty-one square miles operating out of seven fire stations responding to more than 18,000 calls for service in 2015. There are at least twenty-seven firefighters on duty each day. Three firefighters staff each of the seven engines plus another two firefighters staff each of the three on-duty aid cars. All of these response crews are considered part of the Fire District’s Standard of Cover that is based on the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB) standards. These standards establish criteria for fire department operation and water flow requirements. In all of these areas SKF&R is rated a 2, which is the best rating in the State ensuring low fire insurance rates for commercial and residential properties.

Originally a logging settlement, the area was first called “Federal Way” in 1929, when Federal Way School District #210  was created. The name derived from  Federal Highway U.S. 99 which ran from Everett and Seattle to Tacoma. Federal Way High School opened in 1930, and the Chamber of Commerce adopted the name in the early 1950s. The city was incorporated on February 28, 1990.