August 30, 2014
A Mighty Network of Leaders

A Mighty Network of Leaders

I spend a lot of time thinking about our Chamber and its connection to business leaders in our region. Yes, in the office, but also in those odd moments when your mind is less cluttered with pressing daily details.

With a warm cup of Gravity Coffee, I wandered one morning to sit by the water and considered what words like ‘connection,’ ‘impact,’ ‘network’ can mean to our business owners. Lazy fish circles silently rippled the smooth dawn water. Suddenly, Thwock!, an eagle smacked into the dock water and wrestled his wriggling meal up into the sky. There was no lake breeze that still morning, just a mighty whisper as he soared into the pine trees.

I think we are like that eagle. He knows where to fish to survive; we know Chamber networking is where business thrives. He rises through clouds and sun and does not bother with the boundaries of earth; the Chamber convenes business leaders with a vision of regional economic prosperity.

The swiftness of that eagle’s precision dive seemed sudden, but he knew what he was doing. Our Chamber, ever mindful of its purpose, will keep pace with a business community on the move and focused for success. As the voice of business, the Chamber is a mighty network of leaders focused on the greater good of our community.

Together, we shall soar.

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